Should You Try Male Enhancement Pills Over The Counter Or With A Prescription?

You must be thinking to try pills that can help restore your sexual health but may be confused between male enhancement pills over the counter or with a prescription. It is not only you who feels the same, but numerous men are also skeptical between these two.

There might be multiple times that you have thought of consulting your family doctor and sometimes opting for over the counter (OTC) pills, but whom you should really consider?

Prescription Or OTC Which Option Is Better

What Are Over The Counter Pills?

Over the counter (OTC) pills are nothing but pills that are available exclusively for men without prescription. These OTC pills are available both, online and in pharmacy shops. These OTC pills are said to have natural and organic pills that have good effects on men and are said to increase and improve sexual health.

Male enhancement pills over the counter have nowadays become popular and common. Men tend to visit online sites and order such male boosting pills often than shopping from the medical shops, and the reasons can be multiple. But what makes a difference between these OTC and prescription pills? Scroll down to understand more!

What Are The Difference Between Over The Counter And Prescription Pills?

As you know what OTC pills are, the one that remains is prescription pills. Only health experts are supposed to give you the prescription pills based on your body and health type. A prescription is nothing but the list of medicines that are supposed to be consumed for the better body functioning.

It is essential that you know the difference between the two as it makes a huge difference in an individual’s life. Though both can be safe and effective, it is crucial that you know what can be the better option.  So let’s look at below-mentioned aspects that can help you make up your mind.

1) Ingredient In OTC And Prescription Pills

As per my research, Male enhancement pills over the counter are said to have organic and natural ingredients that can help you with faster results. L-Arginine, Tongkat Ali, Ginseng Blend are some of the common natural ingredients that are used by organic male enhancement manufacturers. These ingredients are said to be used since ancient times that can help people in improving and increasing libido, erections, stamina and can treat erectile dysfunction.

On the other hand, Doctors are believed to suggest medicines that can include chemicals, helping you with faster and short-term effective results. Some of the most prescript solutions are Viagra that is said to help men in a better way. A Viagra is said to contain magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose that are considered as inactive ingredients that can help you give short-term results.

2) Is Doctor’s Consultation Necessary?

Prescription pills are said to be given only by doctors and for that men are supposed to visit and consult their health expert. Most men are reported to feel embarrassed and shy talking and sharing their problems with the doctors. There are very rare times that men consult doctors for their sexual health. For Prescription pills, you may have to purchase it from the pharmaceutical shops, and this can be the second most embarrassing thing for a man after visiting doctor’s clinic.

Prescription Can Make Things Embarrassing

On the other hand, OTC pills don’t need any health expert’s consultation or prescription. You can simply order them online according to your needs and difficulties. Male enhancement pills over the counters, as discussed, has natural and organic ingredients that can help a man in fixing his sexual health for a more extended period. With this, men can prevent themselves being ashamed in front of doctor and chemist.

3) What Can Be Side-Effects Of Consuming Pills?

If you are looking for OTC pills, then what I have seen or noticed is that most brands guarantee their all-natural ingredients and clinical formulas that has no side-effects. Only only they take the responsibility of their product, some of them also have refund and money back guarantees. And looking at their popularity on the internet and social media, you can simply say that there have been no side-effects found, till now.

Prescription Pills on the other hand, like above mentioned have inactive ingredients that can give you short-term benefits, but there have been reports that men experienced some side-effects. Headaches, nausea, muscle pain, stomach upset are one of the common side-effects noticed by people.

4) How To Get Male Enhancement Pills?

A prescription pill can be available both health stores and online, but most commonly they are available in health shops. These pills are supposed to be purchased from the shops, and many men are not comfortable buying them. As a man’s psychology, they don’t want to discuss their sexual weakness to anyone as a fear of being judged. So its very rare that men buy male enhancement pills from the shops. As for online, the prescription pills often take lengthy procedures that also includes sharing valid reasons to doctor’s details.

Whereas, OTC pills are exclusively available online and do not require any prescription from health experts. These non-prescription pills can deliver your pills directly to your location and no one knows about your fears. Some male enhancement pills over the counter are said to provide free shipping and some guarantees on their product, ingredients, and effectiveness.

5) Are They Healthy For The Pockets?

Money plays a most crucial role in changing people’s mind. Many men can opt for prescription pills, and the reasons can be numerous from the trust to cash to effectiveness. And some men choose for no medication as they don’t want to trust OTC pills and don’t wanna be embarrassed in front of their doctor.

OTC Pills are exclusively available online, with all the essential details and information. As compared to prescription pills, they might be a bit costly, but they guarantee you with their ingredients and effectiveness. As also said earlier, some companies don’t charge you with shipping charges, and this makes you more comfortable to buy the product and good for your pockets.

Male Enhancement Over The Counter Can Help In Saving Money

Whereas, many men can opt for prescription in the name of cheaper medications as compared to OTC. As a mentality, all they have to pay is doctor’s fee and pill’s purchasing amount, but don’t forget that such pills can cause you side-effects and other harmful effects. These pills can be good with results but it can be temporary and cannot fix your inabilities.

OTC Or Prescription- Which Is The Better Option?

Looking at these five essential aspects, I believe that Male enhancement pills over the counter (OTC) can be a better option for you. As they are entirely online, provides you premium quality ingredients, maintains your privacy and gives you healthy results, compared to prescription pills. So looking at men’s sexual health, it is essential that you use and consume natural ingredient products and looking at the privacy, opt for OTC pills.

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